About this site


I always want to have something in the internet where I can put my notes, opinions, discussions about them, etc. So this site is meant to be the media for that. I added SSL certificate for this site on the 21st of February 2015 in order to protect the privacy of this website's visitors and I.

Web design of this site

Update: 19th of April 2015

After almost a year since I installed this web site, I am still trying to find the right colour scheme. Some of my friends and colleagues who know me, must have been predicted this, as I am quite picky in choosing colours (and foods) :).

There are indeed quite a lot of examples of colour schemes that are being used by good web sites and blogs. I cannot believe though that most of them, perhaps 90% of them, chose pale colour schemes. I am not sure why people like that kind of pale colours.

Perhaps I should just forget about the colour scheme and start writing something useful here.